The following are poems written for Charity and either sent to us or left at her grave site. Most are from her friends. They are numbered 1 through 15 but are arranged in no particular order. Scroll down to continue viewing more.

  1. You are like a million Wild Rose
    Buds ready to bloom in the moon
    light. Where do I find such wonderful
    plants but of course the only place is
    a meadow with the grass so green and
    with trees stand tall with wonder
    green leaves on them and with
    butterfly’s fling about and landing on
    the flower. And with the moon and
    Stars up above shining down on the
    meadow. I’m glad you were the kind
    of friend that people can have for a
    friend. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to
    know who you were but I wish that I
    Written by
  2. Closer Than You Think
    Her laughter has ceased
    Yet it’s etched in your mind
    Her voice is now silent
    Another her you will not find
    She stays forever in your life
    Forever kept, loved in your heart
    She’ll stand by your side
    And she will never part
    All you have to do is think
    She still loves you so dear
    Heaven’s not so far away
    She’ll always be near
    In the wind you’ll hear her
    She’ll whisper to you and say
    I love you mommy
    I’m here with you every day
    I’m still here, Closer than you thinkWritten By Bret
    In Loving Memory of My Cousin
    Charity Mae. The world was
    blessed with her presence.
  3. Forever Lasting Friendship
    January 18th, 1998As I sit here thinking of you
    My heart says you’ll be alright
    I cry, there’s nothing else I can do
    but wish you were here tonightYou mean so much to me
    In so many ways
    Best-friends forever we will be
    Our lives one big mazeNo matter what I do
    There will always be a place for you in my heart
    I wish I could talk to you
    but where would I start

    I know that it has been awhile
    We lost touch too fast
    And loved our lives with one big smile
    We promised our friendship would last

    I try not to cry anymore
    As I sit here tonight
    but the pain in my heart, I just can’t ignore
    At least I know you are alright

    It breaks my heart
    to see you lying there
    Why did we have to part
    I want you to know, I will always care!

    Written by:Mindy
    Dedicated to:
    Charity Mae Kohlman
    From your best-friends:
    Mindy, Bridget, and Sarah

  4. In loving Memory of Charity Mae KohlmanWe all loved Charity very much
    Her smile filled our hearts
    With her glowing touch
    She left her footprints
    Among everyone’s soul
    She made a difference in life
    She easily took the leading roleShe had spirit to cheer up the most negative crowd
    and wherever she went
    Her cheery voice rang loud
    She’s a girl I always looked up to
    A personality I’d love to have
    At school she was more than just a beautiful face
    Among each and every hall,
    And now that she’s gone
    The world will forever fall.Charity had a smile that
    Could make the world shine each and every day,
    That smile let us all know
    That no matter what, it would be okay.

    And even though physically
    That smile is no longer here
    It’ll be with us forever
    It’ll help dry the loneliest tear.

    Now each and every one of us
    Holds a part of Charity
    Forever near our hearts,
    And that’s where it’ll stay
    Until the beginning of time ends
    And the end only starts.

    Charity left us all with the most precious gift that anyone could have been given. She’s brought the most diverse world together and with our strength that’s where it’ll stay. Charity would have wanted that. She taught us about giving and sharing, and how to love. But most of all how to be different and still love. To know that Charity is above us and doing well makes it easier to live through this burning hell.
    -Marissa (Missy)

  5. -Charity-
    Though I did not know her
    She must have been special
    For the mourning and sorrow
    Absorbed through my eyes
    Was an immense wall of pain
    To see so many shattered hearts
    And so many tearful eyes
    It was my inner wish
    To comfort all who cried
    In her memory.
    Please Lord,
    Take her hand and guide
    her soul,
    so that she may know
    the happiness of ever lasting life.Adam
  6. Cherishing you in every way
    Heaven holds you dear
    Angels take you there to stay
    Reminder you’re not here.
    I’ll miss you more than ever
    Tears fall day by day
    You’ll be in our hearts forever
    Where your memories will stay.
  7. Re: Something Special
    I am merely a poet who read the Forum’s article (Weds Jan 21st) and has had those close to me die recently, also. Please accept this poem for Charity from the “love of a stranger.” I may not have known her, but I know the pain all too well.
    Thank you,
    Thom “the Rhose” . Moorhead,MNWords and Love
    (in memory of Charity Kohlman)
    “losing someone’s not an easy thing
    there’s nothing you can do
    but as long as there’s memories
    she’ll still live on in you
    in friendships and smiles
    you’ll know that you’ve been touched
    she’ll be there in everyone that cares
    there’s no reason, simply because
    it matters not I didn’t know her
    others did and that’s enough
    for me to find a reason
    to wish you and everyone words and love”
    written 1/21/98 (8:30a)
  8. October 7, 1998Happy Birthday Charity Mae,
    You’re seventeen on this day.
    Not quite an adult, though always a child.
    One million cards in front of you, piled.
    Make a wish and blow out the flame.
    What did you wish for? I hope ours is the same.I wished for your happiness,
    For your smile to never fade.
    That I always remember your laughter,
    And how sweet you always stayed.
    But, most of all I wished for you to look down on
    us with love.
    To laugh with us and cry with us, and send care
    from above.On my birthday, Cherry Tree,
    Make a wish with me,
    Make your wish with what you’ve seen
    Through your eyes, that are forever sixteen.

    Dear Charity, I’m always thinking of you. You remain forever in my
    heart. I love you.
    Forever and always,

  9. Forever Lasting Friendship
    As I sit here thinking of you
    my heart says you’ll be alright
    I cry, there’s nothing else I can do
    but wish you were here tonightYou mean so much to me
    in so many ways
    Best friends forever we will be
    our lives one big mazeNo matter what I do
    there will always be a place for you in my heart
    I wish I could talk to you
    but where would I startI know that it has been awhile
    we lost touch too fast
    And lived our lives with one big smile
    we promised our friendship would last

    I try not to cry anymore
    as I sit her tonight
    But the pain in my heart, I just can’t ignore
    at least I know you are alright

    It breaks my heart
    to see you lying there
    Why did we have to part
    I want you to know, I will always care


  10. A Friend
    There will be times of hard and you may feel
    they’re too hard to get through, but then there’s
    that one person in the world, your friend
    A friend is there for you when you need them
    most, they’ll be there if you need a helping
    hand They’ll see you through the good
    times and the bad times, they’ll bring you up
    when you’re down They believe in you, they
    trust in you, and will be there if you need to
    talk, or someone to lean on There’s nothing
    better than a friend, they’ll be there when
    your heart’s been broken and need a shoulder
    to cry on You’ll see some come, you’ll see
    some go, but that one friend could never stand
    to see you go They’ll be there forever, they’ll
    never leave your heart, no matter what may
    keep you apart. -Love you & miss you Charity
  11. My FriendI knew a friend who was so dear,
    I knew a friend who everyone knew
    She made people happy not blue
    She made people cry and she made me cry too
    She was the best and strongest
    She never gave up she only wanted what everyone else had
    She never told many people about her problem
    A problem which could take her life
    But eventually it did
    A secret people thought they could help her if they knew
    But if they knew it wouldn’t have mattered
    She still would have died
    Even if everyone knew
    But she didn’t want people to feel sorry for her
    She was never unhappy
    She stopped smiling
    She could do anything
    If she didn’t have that problem
    But it never really stopped her she went on and on
    Did what she wanted
    Be what she wanted to be
    You could never tell anything was wrong
    She hid it so well
    You don’t realize
    You don’t realize how everyone will miss you
    How you made everyone so happy
    Made a great friend
    You don’t realize how much you meant to everyone for many weren’t able to tell you
    You kept your pain a secret for an equal life
    For no one to treat you any different than anyone else
    You were the best and strongest
    Never sad, but happy
    Never gloomy, but truly yourself
    I knew you well enough to know how great you were
    For the tears people shed are for you being gone
    It was too soon
    You were so young
    But at least you had a lot of fun
    But God chooses when your time is up
    I will miss you
    You will have eternal life in everyone’s hearts
    You will be a beautiful angel
    May your soul rest in peace!Mindy—————————————————————————–

    Charity Mae Kohlman

    She was so good, she didn’t deserve to die
    She deserves to be on earth with her friends and her family
    And the people she left behind when she died
    She died so unexpectedly
    No one would have guessed
    She died in her bed while she rest
    Resting in bed, ready to wake
    Awake for her confirmation day
    Her special day to God
    But she went to God early
    He was waiting for her
    She is an angel now
    High in the sky
    Where she will fly
    Safe and free from pain
    She is blessed to be so known
    We will all be with her
    Deep down in her soul.


  12. Trail of Tears
    Marni 5/19/98Precious life I once knew
    Constant love I once felt
    Now lost forever…You picked your day to leave me behind
    You chose the right time to go
    Leaving only a trail of tears…Not knowing what is going to come
    Not knowing where you are
    My trail of tears is never ending…

    In my sorrow and my grief
    I think of all we had and all you’ve shown
    You took a part of my heart I won’t get back…

    If my love could build a bridge
    I could bring you back forever
    Hell, I could walk you around the world twice…

    If my tears could build a road
    We’d walk through our memories a hundred times over…

  13. To: Charity Mae KohlmanI always thought that when it came
    I’d be ready for the end.
    By that time I’d be resigned and tame
    Death would appear a welcome friend.But what if I still want to live,
    still want to learn and grow?
    What if I still have gifts to give,
    and I’m not yet ready to go?What if I’m too young still,
    not old enough to die?
    What if I want to wait until
    I’ve experienced life to say goodbye?

    You were way too young
    you were taken way too soon
    your time had just begun
    the sun of your life set at noon.

    Wherever you have gone,
    near by or far away,
    please realize that, with you,
    a piece of me died that day.

    -You are forever in my heart,
    Charity! I miss you so much!
    I love you!!

    With love,

  14. 2-27-98The Light In Your EyesThe light in your eyes now is gone,
    For nobody else to see.
    The smile on your face did a good job
    Hiding your secret for us not to see.
    I wish there was a way for me to have just five minutes with you.
    If God would of wanted just one more year,
    I’m sure He would of still taken you
    But, now that He did,
    there’s not much I can do, but
    Learn to live and deal with it.
    I remember the times we had together,
    They were so much fun.
    But, now that you are gone,
    I have to learn that all those times are done.
    I just want you to know, that
    I’ll love you forever,
    No matter where you are.
    And up in the sky I named after you,
    Your own little star.
    It’s the one in the middle of Orion’s belt,
    And I’m sure you’ve seen it before.
    And when I look at it
    It reminds me of you walking
    through Heaven’s doors.
    There is one more thing that I want
    to request while you’re up in Heaven skies
    You better not ever, ever, ever lose
    that Beautiful Light In Your Eyes!Charity, I miss ya a lot. I know you are watching
    down on your mom, your sister and your friends.
    I love you.
  15. To Charity Mae Kohlman
    1-18-00It’s been two years today Charity,
    that you passed away.
    There isn’t a day that goes by
    that we all don’t cry,
    because none of us got to say good-bye.
    We miss your laugh, we miss your touch
    but most of all we miss your smile.
    As I sit at your grave at night and talk to you
    I feel all sad and blue.
    I try to cover the pain
    and it’s making me go insane.
    I’ve lost so many to death
    and I didn’t get to see them take their last breath.
    To think of the days we shared
    and how much you cared
    it makes me wanna cry
    because you were a great friend of mine.
    Charity, I miss you so much
    and your oh so sweet touch.
    I would give anything to bring you back
    not only for me,
    but to your family.
    You are always on my mind.
    Love Always,