News Articles: Thank You

Thank You

To all of Charity’s friends and

To all the other students and
faculty at Fargo South High and
Discovery Schools.

To all of the relatives and friends
for your tremendous outpouring
of support in this most difficult
time. We have received enough
flowers to build a stairway
to Heaven.

To The Forum for the front page
story on our beloved Charity.
How fitting that her picture appeared on the same page as
that of our Lord.

To everyone who helped with and
participated in the prayer and
funeral services, we’re sure
Charity loved them.

The following words are from a
song, which was played at the
church prior to the Wednesday
evening prayer service. Just a
month ago, Charity had requested
that this song be played
at her funeral.

It makes sense that it
should happen
this way
That the sky should break,
and the earth should shake
as if to say:
Sure it all matters but in
such an unimportant way
as if to say:
Fly Away
sweet bird of prey
fly fly away
nothing can stand in your
way sweet bird
if you knew the words
I know you’d say:
Fly Away
It makes sense that it
should “Hurt”
in this way
That my heart should
break & my hands should
shake – as if to say:
Sure it don’t matter except
in the
most important way
As if to say:
Fly Away. . .
It makes sense
that it should feel
just this way
That you slowly fade
and yet
still remain – as if to say
Everything matters
in such an Invisible way
as if to say – Fly Away
It’s o.k.

Thank you to everyone
mentioned above and to those we
have unknowingly forgotten, for
opening your hearts to us all. Your
response has been far too great to
thank you each individually.

Judy, Gary & Summer Kubalak
Donna & George Ugland
Curt, Denise & BJ Ugland
Cindy & Stephanie Gray
Lisa Ugland